The bulk of my work experience was for a website named Gamereactor. I spent almost a year under their wing, and in that time wrote numerous different pieces of work; reviews, previews, interviews, and news. Towards the end of my time with Gamereactor, I began working almost exclusively on the Esports section of the website, and helped to foster its growth. Below are some examples of the work I did for Gamereactor.


The Rise of Overwatch – “2016 has been a colossal year for gaming. We’ve seen the rise of VR and some stellar releases over the course of the last twelve months, but one of the standout games of the year has definitely been Overwatch, Blizzard’s incredibly fun and fast-paced shooter. We’ve taken a look back at how it became one of the success stories of 2016, tracing its fortunes all the way back to its conception, and doing so has only deepened our respect for the game even more.”


Planet Explorers Review – “When it comes to Steam’s Early Access program, your first thought is likely of the countless open-world survival games rotting there, doomed to never be completed. Every game tries to give the subgenre its own spin, but many just end up in the annals of mediocrity. Planet Explorers has lots going for it to make it stand out amongst the rest, but there are some critical flaws that make us worry it’s doomed for the scrap-heap.”


Mission Briefing: Mass Effect Andromeda – “Mass Effect: Andromeda has been a mysterious game for quite some time now, but with N7 day last week, we’re finally starting to see some concrete intel emerge about what the game will be like. The details are coming mainly through trailers and via the Andromeda Initiative website, which lets players sign up as if they are going on a journey to a new galaxy. Therefore, we’ve gathered all the information we can find, so fans of the series can find everything in one place.”


Shu Review – “Every now and then you come across an indie title that tackles a genre and does so perfectly. When it comes to indie platformers, there is a ton of quality; games like Limbo, Ori and the Blind Forest, and others have set a high bar. After playing Shu, though, we now believe this little gem deserves a mention among these greats.”


Planet Explorers Preview – “Thanks to the success of Minecraft, Steam’s Early Access program is filled with open-world sandbox games. Many feature survival and crafting elements and, sadly, many of them will never get finished.”